SupplyOn Portal - Invoice Upload via CSV or XLSX

Getting started

Your job:
Your customer has asked you to send their invoices via SupplyOn eInvoicing. Do you issue more than 100 invoices per month and are familiar with the CSV or XLSX format?

Our solution:
With the 'Upload CSV or XLSX file' function, you can upload several invoices to SupplyOn in one-step and send them to your customer.

For a first overview, watch the 2-minute video

eInvoice CSV and XLSX Upload

What are the next steps?
  • Open the SupplyOn / AirSupply user interface
  • Click on eInvoicing (new)
  • Create an invoice from a billable item
  • Fill in the invoice with all mandatory information and check your entry so that the invoice is saved in "Ready to send" status.
  • Download the invoice as CSV or XLSX file.
  • Hand over the CSV or XLSX file to your IT.
  • Your IT creates the CSV or XLSX export from your invoice system based on the format description, CSV or XLSX Guide and your sample invoices.
  • You test uploading CSV or XLSX files with just a few invoices and check the invoice data in the user interface.
  • You can transfer verified invoice data to your customers.

Note: We advise you to create a sample invoice for each customer / country / invoice type. Thus you receive an example file with your invoice data for each customer / country request / invoice type.

Example for an generic sample invoice (Please login with your SupplyOn account).

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