SupplyOn CSV eInvoicing Portal

Getting started

Your job:
Your customer has asked you to send their invoices via SupplyOn eInvoicing. Do you issue more than 100 invoices per month and are familiar with the CSV format?

Our solution:
With the 'Upload CSV file' function, you can upload several invoices to SupplyOn in one-step and send them to your customer.

For a first overview, watch the 2-minute video

eInvoice CSV and XLSX Upload

What are the next steps?
  • Open the SupplyOn / AirSupply user interface
  • Click on eInvoicing (new)
  • Create an invoice from a billable item
  • Fill in the invoice with all mandatory information and check your entry so that the invoice is saved in "Ready to send" status.
  • Download the invoice as a CSV file.
  • Hand over the CSV file to your IT.
  • Your IT creates the CSV export from your invoice system based on the format description, CSV Guide and your sample invoices.
  • You test uploading CSV files with just a few invoices and check the invoice data in the user interface.
  • You can transfer verified invoice data to your customers.

Note: We advise you to create a sample invoice for each customer / country / invoice type. Thus you receive an example file with your invoice data for each customer / country request / invoice type.

Example for an generic sample invoice (Please login with your SupplyOn account).

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