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Next step - order services in our B2B online shop

You have read all important aspects under Basic / First Steps information and would like to order the service? 

You can easily book the services in our Shop Digital Transformation. Simply create a user account and click on EDI Services in the overview.
Please always select a connectivity (new, existing or update) and add the message format or attachment.
A detailed user guide can be found here.

Once the order has been received in the shop, you will receive a confirmation. The service starts 2-4 working days after the order.

If you first need a phone call (approx. 15-30 minutes), please send us an e-mail with 1-2 possible proposals for a call to  Integration-Service@supplyon.com.

Shop our EDI services online

Here you find a range of standardized connections for the electronic interchange of business
information – depending on your connectivity, message protocol, application and customer.

Sample Messages

Here you can find messages for your selected customer!

    General information, guides, parameter documents and certificates per application

    Please choose your application and you will get all information in general, about the connectivity and the process guidelines.
    AirSupply customs guides for Brexit are listed under AirSupply as well.

    General Information & Parameter Sheet

    Process Guidelines - Buyer to Seller


    Process Guidelines - Seller to Buyer