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Technical requirements for the use of the platform

Supported Browsers:

  • Google Chrome
    The current version is recommended.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    The current version is recommended.
  • Microsoft Edge
    For Microsoft Edge, the technology has changed, but the name remains the same. SupplyOn only supports versions from January 2020 onwards, which are based on Chrome.

    Edge 2019 Logo for versions before January 2020 –  not supported by SupplyOn
    Edge 2020 Logo for Versionen after January 2020 –  supported by SupplyOn


  • By default, Google Chrome and Firefox are updated automatically. However, you can always check for an update manually, in which case, any update found will be downloaded but not installed until you restart the browser. If you have any questions, contact your IT administrator.
  • If you use a TLS version lower than 1.2 , after the changeover date, you will receive an error message within your browser. You can no longer open the SupplyOn websites until a current browser version is installed on your computer.

Browser settings:

  • Java Script must be activated.
  • Cookies must be enabled for *
    • See also:   Clearing Cache and delete Cookies
  • The pop-up blocker must be disabled for the * website.
    • See also:   Disable pop-up blocker for SupplyOn
  • Trusted sites: Please add https://* to your trusted sites zone.
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