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ASN: Label number assignment within ASN

What is a label number and what is it used for?

The label number is assigned by the supplier as part of the shipping notification. It has to be numerical and must not exceed nine digits. In addition, a label number assigned once may not be repeated within a single consignment (i. e. each label number must be unique). Since most labels use this value as the package ID, the labels should be printed in SupplyOn.

This is the best way to ensure that the scannable values on the label and in the shipping notification message to the customer match.

Automatic label number assignment

We recommend that you always activate automatic label number assignment. This setting is made in the "Logistics Settings" in exactly the same manner as the   automatic ASN number assignment. For each shipping notification created, SupplyOn calculates the label numbers based on the start number specified by the supplier and fills them in ascending order with the next higher values than those already used in the previous ASN generated in SupplyOn.

All you have to do is click on "Generate Label Numbers" (in the Packing Material Details window) in the ASN; a manual entry is no longer necessary.

Manual label number assignment

If for any reason the automatic label number assignment is not applicable for you, the respective start numbers must be entered manually in the fields "Label No. from" and "Label No. HU". Please note that these are mandatory fields (identified by the yellow colour of the field) - even if you do not print any labels in SupplyOn.

When filling in the fields, it is important to ensure that none of the label numbers are repeated, neither within the single packs nor across single packs and handling units (i.e. if, for example, a "1" has been entered as "label number from" for the single packs and the entire consignment contains 2 single packs and one HU, the "label number HU" must not be less than 3).

The following example scenario illustrates the correct assignment of label numbers:

Let us assume you have to create an ASN for a consignment. The material A123 will be sent in a total of 6 boxes, while the material B123 will be shipped in a total of 2 boxes. You will need two handling units (pallets) for all 8 boxes. In this case, the following label numbers can be used:


  1. Label Number Single Packs (e. g. carton, lattice box, small load carrier etc.)

    Pack. Mat. No. (Cust.)

    Amount of Packaging Material Label No. From

    Box 000



    Box 001




  2. Label Number HU (e. g. euro pallet)
    HU Pack. Mat. No. (Cust.)

    Amount of HU

    HU Label No.








The whole consignment would look somewhat like this:


Please make sure that every number with a red border is only used once.

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