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SupplyOn discontinued the support of Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 from July 1, 2020

What does this mean for you as a user?

  • If you are already using Microsoft Edge (version based on Chrome), Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you do not have to do anything else.
  • If you have the necessary administration rights on your PC, we recommend installing one of the recommended browsers: Microsoft Edge (version based on Chrome), Google Chrome or Firefox in the current version. You can read more about the system requirements    here.
  • If you do not have administration rights, please contact your company's IT Department.

Note: For Microsoft Edge the technology changed, but the name remained the same. SupplyOn only supports versions from January 2020. These are based on Chrome.

Edge 2019 Logo for versions prior to January 2020 – not supported on SupplyOn

Edge 2020 Logo for versions from January 2020 – supported on SupplyOn

What effects can I expect as a user if I still use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 after July 1st, 2020?

  • Access to the SupplyOn solutions will still be possible in principle, but certain application pages will no longer work and there will also be considerable delays in the page rendering. It is therefore imperative that you switch to a current browser in before.
  • From July 1, 2020, our customer support will no longer track requests based on the use of Internet Explorer 11.

* Exception for suppliers using SupplyOn eInvoicing: automated China Golden Tax integration still requires IE 11

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