SupplyOn Customer Support

Process Description

1. The customer generates a complaint in their internal system which is automatically transferred to the SupplyOn Problem Solver. Alternatively, the customer can also create complaints directly in the Problem Solver.

2. An automatic email notification is sent to the relevant users of the supplier, i. e. all persons who are deposited as Problem Solver   customer responsible for the respective customer.

3. The supplier clicks on a link in the email and thus opens the complaint. It is also possible for the supplier to search for complaints within the Problem Solver.

4. The supplier creates the 8D report in stages and sends it back to the customer. If there is already an 8D report for the same problem, the supplier can reference this 8D report instead. Alternatively, the supplier can reject the complaint in case of non-confirmation/non-responsibility etc.

5. The supplier sets the process status to "Completed by supplier".

6. If the customer is not satisfied with the 8D report, he sets the process status back to "Open".

7. The supplier implements the defined actions to address the problem and documents them in the Problem Solver. In addition, the validation of effectiveness is documented for D6 measures.

8. While processing the 8D report, the supplier can evaluate the 8D report using predefined criteria. Wether this function is available and whether an 8D report evaluation is required depends on the customer.

9. A full evaluation must be available by the time the 8D report is completed.

10. After all relevant actions have been implemented and validated, the supplier sets the process status to "Closed by supplier".

11. After a final review, the customer sets the process status to "Closed by customer" , or to status "Open", if there is still a need for improvement.

Watch our video tutorial "Problem Solver for suppliers" for further information.

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